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The Bermuda Health Strategy Story

When the previous strategy was set to expire in 2019, the Ministry of Health began work to create a new strategy for the next five years (2020-2025), which could serve as a frame for a redesign of the healthcare system. This work included a public survey, as well as surveys of, and interviews with, providers, insurers, professionals and patients. A series of workshops with key stakeholders assisted in identifying design principles for a refreshed Health Strategy. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this progress stalled.


In early summer 2021, a new group of passionate and dedicated stakeholders from across Bermuda’s healthcare community, joined together to form a steering committee whose main purpose was to develop a roadmap for strengthening the island’s health system and achieving universal health coverage. In parallel with those efforts, the Ministry of Health, supported by professional advisory firm, KPMG, started again to develop the next iteration of the Health Strategy. 


The Bermuda Health Strategy 2022- 2027 incorporates feedback from both the pre-pandemic stakeholders as well as the UHC steering committee members. Thanks to both of these groups’ hard work and enthusiasm for serving our Island, we now have a high level strategy that outlines the steps needed to improve the healthcare system in Bermuda.

Steering Committee Purpose & Objectives

The Steering Committee is a diverse group of Bermuda residents who joined together and provided key contributions in the development of the Bermuda Health Strategy. The Committee is tasked mainly with determining the best path forward for the Island in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and ensuring its implementation through key stakeholder awareness, engagement and collaboration.


Reporting to the Minister of Health via the Chief Strategy Officer, the Committee's objectives include ensuring concrete strategic planning and reforms begin to be phased in, with a clear and transparent roadmap. The specific deliverables they agreed to produce are:


  1. Project roadmap to deliver on the Government approved health system and health financing and reforms;

  2. Continuation of consultation process implementation and execution;

  3. Cabinet decision for continued progression towards long term Bermuda Health Plan strategy and implementation;

  4. Bermuda Health Plan public-facing roadmap; or action plan and modelling documents;

  5. Governance proposal to oversee implementation and management;

  6. Assessment of population health priority areas (public health and clinical). 

Steering Committee Representatives

  1. Ministry of Health Chief Strategy Officer (Chair)

  2. Bermuda Health Council Chief Executive Officer

  3. Bermuda Hospitals Board Deputy Chief Executive Officer 

  4. Bermuda First Healthcare Working Group Representative

  5. Bermuda Medical Doctors Association President

  6. Department of Health Director 

  7. Department of Health Insurance Director

  8. Ministry of Health Acting Permanent Secretary

  9. Ministry of Health Policy Analyst

  10. Patient Representative

Let’s Work Together

We're excited to partner with you to bring the Bermuda Health Strategy to fruition. If you're interested in getting involved with the process to strengthen Bermuda's healthcare system, please get in touch. 

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